Episode 19 – Hookers and Blow

Episode 19: We review our feedback from the ladies at Grits to Glitz, who gave us a shout-out on their latest episode, and a discussion about Shane’s prostitute friend. ¬†Also:

  • People are incapable of determining if they’re having an actual emergency
  • Vampire stories and Twilight
  • Sticky accents
  • Goodbye, Mars Lander!

Download here: Episode 19

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  1. Jamie says:

    Here’s a tale of when I worked in a call centre for a gas utility company. I had a guy on the phone who was really belligerent and really pissed me off. When he put the phone down I said “miserable f*&king c*nt”, and which point he picked the phone back up and said “I heard that!” Turns out he’d put the phone down and it had gone on to speaker phone – so my summation of his integrity was projected into his lounge.
    My supervisor was not best pleased… :)

  2. Bridget says:

    This is one of the greatest stories ever told. I laughed out loud at my desk. Also, I love the way you folks across the pond use the c word all willy-nilly. ^_^

    Reminds me of when I accidently sent a rude instant message about my boss directly to him rather than to my co-worker by accident at one of my former employers. Kind of hard to come back from a moment like that.

  3. Sid says:

    So I just got to listening. While I could prob look this up.. But the creation of the weird riders goes like this as told by Mr Lesher.

    Arosmith was touring and wanted a way to tell if thier riders were being done right in prep for the show. They were sick of showing up and panicking at the last min finding out that their REAL needs were being taken care of.. So they slipped in to only have green M&Ms (or some junk like that). That way when they got to their dressing room they would know if they needed to panic and look into the setup.. It makes seance. and it takes away from some of the silliness of the riders. I still read them and larf. I never see any of the riders for the headliners at my stage.

  4. Bridget says:

    I heard Jennifer Lopez required Lalique candles n junk. My riders would include bubble tea and perhaps a sock monkey companion.

  5. Sid says:

    The only Rider I know about that made it to my theater, Cheap Trick requested a masseuse and was denied because.. Well… She felt that was code for.. Use your imagination.

  6. Bridget says:

    So much for their happy endings.

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