Episode 39: Chronic Poo-plosion Situation

Epsiode 39 of Emergency Pants features our dear friend Tony** sharing a heart-wrenching tale of Chronic Poo-plosion situation, or CPS – one of our nation’s noisest and smelliest killers.

  • Tony** shares stories from his family’s visit
  • We discuss our newest fan, Rosemoo, whose lovely drawing is the cover art of this episode
  • Friend of the Show Tara points us in the direction of this awesome home-made snuggie
  • We started a flickr group to store these and other cool images – check it out!
  • We politely say “No, thank you,” to snoring and sneezing

Download: Episode 39

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  1. Tara says:

    Hey guys! I remembered to download AND to listen! Take that! I was just settling in to add a naughty picture to your flickr group when I heard Bridget mention my name in the podcast. Whoa. Tens of people have now heard my name in association with a Snuggie! Thank you for pronouncing it correctly. Thanks also for the mention/link above which I just noticed. Finally some Tara web content that’s not nudity!

  2. Rosemoo says:

    To quote Shane, “I’m so excited I might pee myself.” Or whatever he said that time with the stuff…

  3. Bridget says:

    Tara, we’ve discussed this. You control your web content. The world is ready for you to put your clothes back on when you decide it’s time to do so. Start small – get into a snuggie.

    Rose: Shane TOTALLY said that when he met TV’s Frank at the 1995 MST3K Conventio-con-expo-fest-a-rama.


  4. Tara says:

    Sure, I know that NOW! Besides there ain’t nothing small about the snuggie. I get kind of claustrophobic just thinking about that thing (even if the back is open).

  5. Rachel says:

    Ok, I’ll go ahead & say that I’m one of those people that sneezes absurdly load. I. can’t. stop. Believe me, it scares the shit outta most people BUT IT FEELS SO GOOD!

  6. Bay says:

    My high school biology teacher had the craziest sneeze I’ve ever heard; it was so crazy that if I demonstrate it for strangers, they think I made it up. She would say “choo,” and then she would give a high-pitched meow like a kitten up in her nose. So it went, “Choo, MEW! Choo, MEW!” I swear I am not making it up. I have always wanted to use it onstage. But again, it wouldn’t be believed.

    Other than her eccentric sneeze, she was a lovely person.

    And I snore, so I won’t be spending the night with any of y’all! So there! Don’t invite me to your pajama parties; I’m taking my fluffy feather pillow to some scantily clad fete where snoring is embraced!

  7. Bridget says:

    Oh dear, Bay, now Shane’s going to be focused on girly pajama parties for WEEKS. :)

    My husband Jim has a snore that you would not believe. It works out, though, because while he can sleep through ANYTHING – loud parties, neighbors arguing, thunderstorms, earthquakes – all I have to do is say “stop snoring” and he instantly wakes up and rolls over. And starts snoring again in 20 minutes. :)

  8. Bridget says:

    Oh, and Rach: I’m ok with you sneezing loud, cuz you’re cool and all. :)

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