Episode 72: We Are So Very, Very Sorry


**** Hey everyone – tonight’s episode was horribly mangled. We’re having a hard time dealing with it, because it was pretty awesome. We left the links as is for your enjoyment. ****

Episode 72: We really are sorry.

Download: Episode 72

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  1. CustardFairy says:

    I’m linked! Y’all just made my day. I think I can go home now and get sloshed. Woo!

  2. Surtannu says:

    “Doin’ shit instantly.”

  3. Bay says:

    But what wasn’t mangled was marvelous!!! I enjoyed the show very much. And man, I empathize with the pain of losing part of an episode. I screw things up for Amy all the time. I suck. I know!

  4. Bridget says:

    Ben, you are a goddamn MACHINE.

    Bay, I was thinking about that when I found out we lost the episode. It hurts!

    I kind of think God did it to us on purpose. We told the worst/funniest story in Emergency Pants history. I told Shane he needed to edit it out. The cover art and apologies were about THAT story. It just wasn’t meant to be, I guess.

  5. Joe Degand III says:

    Guess who I got to start listening to the show full time Bridget? That’s right the wife has now joined in laughing at full volume at work now so that people are starting to think we are mad scientists. Awesome job lately guys keep up the good work.

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