Episode 75: I’ve Smelled This Before

hot dog

Episode 75: I *thought* I smelled cabbage!

  • Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, we have discovered the official game of Emergency Pants, and it is: Hot Dog Down a Hallway. If you’ve got an iPhone, go get it!
  • Clair sent us this fun clip of Armstrong & Miller
  • Penny sent us this robot clip – whaaaa?
  • Shane loves this store!
  • Aspray makes us happy AND angry!
  • Operation Smile may be doing good things, but the infomercial makes us think they’re only in it for the pudding
  • PNSexplosion said Bridget’s name! If they look her in the eyes and tell her she’s pretty, she might… *you* know!
  • Joe’s wife Kelly asks us about leaking nipples! Wait, what?
  • We have two Kellys. Hi, Kelley!
  • Kitty!
  • Jamie finished his awesome graffiti stitch and is in issue 221 of CrossStitcher Magazine. No big deal, though. Whatevs.
  • Don’t get all worked up, but Tony** might join us next week! Eeeeeeeeeee!!!!! *faints*
  • Jerkin’.

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  1. penny nickels says:

    Really! John calls a phone number at Hanson Robotics and uses the program “Jot” to record everything he says! Then they load it into the robot. That’s why the robot talks about pirates and homosexual attraction. So it’s more like he’s the “soul” of the robot instead of the “voice”.
    Every morning he’s all, “Be quiet! I gotta do some robot talkin’!”

  2. penny nickels says:

    Also, Fuck ADT adds. I’m so tired of being told I’m gonna get raped every 5 minutes.

  3. ponyinarope says:

    Thanks for the mention Bridget! I promise to share the story behind the name soon. It has nothing to do with ponies. I don’t even like ponies. Shh don’t tell.

    Ditto on the ADT commercials, and really any commercial that has to make people look like complete morons to show the appeal of their product.

  4. Tara says:

    Oh, Archie McPhee! If you have $30 to throw around, the mystery box is great fun to order! I did it a few years back and definitely got $30 worth of gifts and such out of it. Good times.

  5. snarkypants says:

    Ah ha ha ha! As soon as Shane said “$240″, my mind automatically supplied “worth of puddin’.” I remember showing that skit to some friends back in the day, and they looked at me like I was insane; other than the hubs I’ve never known anyone who loved Barry and Lavon and their stash of puddin’. I knew there was a damn good reason I like you guys!


  6. Shane says:

    “Barry and Levon…”
    “Yes, mothership?”
    “Get yo’ funky asses in that puddin’.”

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