Episode 79: Better Get a Bucket

Episode 79: It’s the Kelly and Joe show, with 100% more Kelly and Joe!

This episode was so much fun, I barely remember what we talked about! I do remember this, though:

Have you given up on living like a normal human being? Then go get a Dreamie. And a failure pile in a sadness bowl.

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  1. Joe Degand III says:

    Wow had a blast guys thanks for havin us

  2. Jamie says:

    Just started listening – should Tony and I have co-host anxiety..? :)

  3. Jamie says:

    That was a good show! Nice one peoples!
    And thanks to Bridget for her reassurances about my status. :)

  4. Kelly says:

    oh Jamie, we could NEVER replace you and Tony! Neither of us could effectively fake your accent, and we don’t have nearly as many awkward things happen to us as Tony does. You’re in a good place
    : )

  5. Tara says:

    Shane: People like ME need advertising for Girl Scout cookies. I’m self-employed so have no coworkers to sell me stuff and since I don’t have kids I don’t go to school or soccer practices and encounter people with children. Also, I’m way too important to remember what time of year GS cookie time is. Duh.

    Should I be personally insulted that there’s so much footie jammies bashing? Sure, none of mine have a built-pillows, but still.

    Loved hearing another guest episode! I hope there will be more! I have a attraction/repulsion thing going for volunteering myself, and repulsion is winning out so you won’t have to find a way to decline w/o hurting my feelings. Whew!

  6. Bridget says:

    Tara – I was thinking about you when the footie jammies came up. I LOVE footie jammies! I want a pair of yummy sushi footie jammies so I can be just like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but better. It was just an attempt to explain my disgust with this product in particular. I’m not good at that sometimes.

    We have a super special secret guest lined up for next week! Let us know if you’d like to try it sometime. I know we’re intimidating and all, but we really are nice people! :)

  7. Shae says:

    This episode was HILARIOUS. I had to go to the potty so bad about midway through, but I stuck it out because I couldn’t stand to not listen while I went to the bathroom.

    The makeout sounds were so funny! XD

  8. Rosemoo says:

    This was a super awesome episode (not to knock Tony and Jamie). Loved it! :P

  9. Tara says:

    No offense taken. The Dreamie is so stupid it’s hard to verbalize. College kids backpacking around foreign lands have been sewing a sheet together like that for ages.

    It takes me awhile to warm up and I bet that I’d just be ready about the time the recording was coming to an end. Stupid, shyness.

  10. Kelly says:

    Tara – Do it! It’s a blast. Even the recovery from the laughter-induced headache was worth it.
    : D

  11. Jamie says:

    Tara – if you want to do it I’ll come along and hold your hand as well. A team-up would be much easier to work with…

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