Episode 84: A Very Special Episode

Episode 84: This week we discover that it’s not Lupus! Here’s some stuff we talked about:

Download: Episode 84

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  1. Tara says:

    Nice to have y’all back! Soooo glad Shaneykins is feeling better; now let’s get him feeling actually good.

    Also, this is more fun w/o pants:

  2. Surtannu says:

    A wagon full-a pamcakes… in the champeenship?

  3. Bridget says:

    Thanks, Tara! :)

    Ben – My username was very nearly wagonfullapancakes. I’m glad I settled on beefranck, even if it is intentionally meat related.

    I forgot to link that Strong Bad email:


    My second favorite is “Crying” – for obvious reasons. :)


  4. Rosemoo says:

    Favorite bits;

    Shane: “Bridget and I share that philosophy. Ya know. Anything is funny.”

    Approving noise from Bridget and Shawna

    Shane: “And if it isn’t you’re a hypocrite.”

    Shawna: “And you’re dead, you know, you’re dead. To yourself, to everyone else. If nothing is funny then you’re just this grey zombie-like-robot that I SHOOT WITH A PLANT!”
    Shawna: “Maybe Mecha Godzilla shouldn’t babysit so much.”

  5. Sid says:


    Glad Shane is back in action. I was starting to wonder.. Mono sux Yours looks worse than mine was from a glance.

    Yes I still listen ;) I wish I had more time.

  6. Jamie says:

    Is that Mono as in Mono-a-mano?

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