Episode 85: I Said LOOK AT IT!

Episode 85 guest stars ROSE! Hi, Rose!

Download: Episode 85

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  1. Shae says:

    Rocky Horror is the best. I think I’ve seen it in a theater about 70 (ish?) times. I actually won a costume contest with my Vagina Dentata costume at Rocky’s Halloween event.

    I’ve also seen Clue in the theater with the same shadow cast that does Rocky.

  2. Jamie says:

    Nice to hear Rose on there – good show peoples!

  3. Surtannu says:

    Rose, you’re awesome. Rose de Nose has nothing you. I mentioned you being on the show to Meagneato, and the Kid was impressed… because she thought maybe you were Rose Tyler.
    “Mind the gap.” ;);)<<

    I used to have the same distaste for the Beatles, Shane. There will come a time to let it go. Take the chance when it comes. Or not. Whatever.

    the HSR wiki is awesome. Heres the link to that ep.

    OK. Dexter does stupid things to increase plot tension? Really? There has to be more than that. We need to talk.

  4. Surtannu says:

    Wait. This person on tumblr?

  5. Bridget says:

    That’s her! She’s a plethora of cute and/or funny pictures. :)

  6. katiberz says:

    I love RHPS :D
    I was introduced to RHPS when I was around 14 years old. My church youth group had a overnight around Halloween and we all went downtown to see RHPS. At the time I was scared, but I got into it.
    Do you also like Shock Treatment? My husband & I watched that within the last couple years on netflix and I really love the music. It was really ahead of its time talking about reality tv and all that. Richard O’Brien is just awesome in general. He was funny in Spice World too.

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