I Hate To Be a Dick Here But You Have To Register To Comment Now

Due to an increase in comment spam (which you probably haven’t seen because Bridget and I try to delete it as soon as possible), we’re turning back on the switch that says you have to be a registered user of Emergency Pants to comment on posts.

I’m sorry, Keri Roberts, but you have to register now.

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  1. kroberts says:

    I object! This is BS!

    1. Shane says:

      If by “BS” you mean “the best idea ever” then yes. Yes it is.

      Unfortunately, we had a lot of spam bots and people abusing the comments section, so we had to tighten up. Live with it.

  2. Bridget says:

    Tighten up, indeed. http://www.flickr.com/photos/ratio/2520126443/

    Also: That’s right, listeners who take time out of their lives to listen to goofy stuff that we say! LIVE WITH IT. Also: we love you. Don’t leave us.

  3. sutrannu says:

    I _was_ enjoying the spam. I hoped it might be a segment in the show. You guys were right on top of it, but you can’t keep it all out of the rss. I’ll keep and treasure what remnants I can save. Who could resist, “Some time before, I really needed to buy a house for my organization but I didn’t earn enough cash and could not buy something.”

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