Episode 90: Comes in Two Boxes

Episode 90: OH MY GOD, YOU GUYS!!! TONY! EeeeeeeeeEEEEeeeee!!!!

  • Hi Keri! Thanks for telling us about this name generator!
  • What makes you poop?
  • Three Minute Legs is a ridiculous piece of work-out equipment even though it SHOULD be the name of a gangster or a convenience food
  • This Golden Girls spoof looks like fun!

Download: Episode THE NINETIETH!

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  1. lia says:

    I think THIS is the ‘beast’ you’re looking for……


    It’s also full of crazy…..be careful.

  2. lia says:

    God…I never usually leave comments this often…..

    Here are the Star Trek dubovers…..and Happy in Paraguay was the one that had you crying.


  3. sutrannu says:

    Loved this episode. And, I only sped it up 110%, not 150%. Take the time an savor the poop jokes, I say.

    3min Legs. It’s now too strenuous to squat down. We are no longer expected to lift our own body weight in order to exercise. I’ve just invented a product to shove a Twinkie in my mouth if my heard rate goes above 85bpm. I’m calling in Motivational Exercise Technologyâ„¢. Give me your fucking money, now.

  4. kroberts says:

    “…looked like Keri, only she was smiling.” *eruption of laughter*

    And you wonder why I won’t get on Skype with you.

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