Episode 119: Tank Warfare

It’s episode 119, which contains one of the best fart stories EVER this week!

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  • Also: fart.

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  1. katiberz says:

    Shane, the description of Fable 2 “I-donno-who-I-had-sex-with” evening was hilarious!
    Bridget, Glad you got HM Grand Bazaar :D I hope you like it! It gets better once you can sell at the bazaar. Grow turnips, use kitchen to make turnip salad to sell at bazaar. I’ve been selling weeds, flowers, rocks etc at Raul’s shop then taking the money to buy any food I don’t already have from the shop that sells food & sell that at bazaar (I buy to get the recipe). Also at bazaar, ring your bell often (B button) to regenerate shop interest periodically even when you haven’t added anything new. (That’s working for me)
    One of the guys opened the windmill on my farm and I can make fertilizer with a weed and a stick now. Go figure.
    *video game geek out end*
    In my dream last night Bridge came to visit me and was athletically fit and that weirded me out. I was still really thrilled to meet you though. Yeah donno…dreams are weird.
    ok back to work…

    1. katiberz says:

      “Bridge” was a typo, I’m not shoving nicknames at you.

  2. Bridget says:

    Thanks for the geek-out info. :)

    Also, don’t worry. I have never been and shall never be what someone would refer to as “fit”. :) Even though I watch my calorie intake for health reasons, I don’t have any ambitions toward becoming buff. My personal preferences are skewed toward softness rather than muscle, chubby rather than chiseled. :)

  3. pam1374 says:

    I’ve been getting a cold, and in the middle of the podcast I sneezed. And then Bridget said, “Wait, what was that?”

    OMG – you can hear me from INSIDE the podcast!! Awesome.

    1. Shane says:

      Hahahaha, that’s awesome. We’re going to put more moments like that in the podcast in an effort to freak more people out by coincidence.

  4. ToppieSmellie says:

    Hi Shane and Bridget!

    Jeez, I can’t believe the security I had to go through just to leave a lousy comment!! ;-)

    And can you imagine? Your site’s security people called my password WEAK! Well, I never!!!!!

    Just wanted to check in and let you know I’m enjoying listening to the two of you on “Emergency Pants.” I’m a newbie, so I’m still learning and catching up on all your “in” topics like Snuggies. Did you know that people like to have sex in them? But see, you’ve already talked about that in a previous episode, so like, that’s what I mean when I’m low on the Emergency Pants learning curve… but I’m listening and subscribed now, so the NEXT time I leave a comment it won’t be so lousy!

    For now though, just groovin’ with you and happy to be sporting a brand spanking new pair of ‘mergency pants!

    1. Bridget says:

      Yay, hi Toppie! :) I’m so glad you are listening and that you like us. :D

      Actually… I have a secret shame to confess. The last time I was at the bookstore, I bought something called the Snuggiesutra. I COULDN’T HELP IT! THERE WERE LITTLE DRAWINGS OF PEOPLE HAVING SEX IN SNUGGIES! *hangs head in shame*

  5. Rachel Mckay says:

    Oh god the Snuggie commercial with the macarena tune KILLS ME. Why? Why that song? Do they want to NOT sell their product?

    Also, there’s a Snuggiesutra?!

  6. Bridget says:

    I think the macrena is the IDEAL song for the snuggie. They know their audience!

    And yes, there is. And I own it. There was an illustration of something called the Queen of England! How could I NOT?

    We’ll have to discuss it tonight.

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