Episode 133: Cool (H)whip

Episode 133: Oh my God, you guys! It’s Jim!

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    1. Lyndzi says:

      I would do horrible things to get my hands on that extra Lil’ Brother! Just saying…

      You should have a contest or something. Something I can win. ^_^

    2. Shane says:

      Hahahaha :D How horrible are we talking?

    3. shaebay says:

      Bridget look away, I’m about to talk about pr0n!

      There was this one movie I watched (I can’t remember if it was Pirates II or Batman XXX or maybe something else…) and one of the girls would say, “Yeah yeah,” every three seconds. Except she said it kind of quickly, so it was “Yeahyeah,” in the typical pr0n lady voice and it almost drove me insane!

      And then while listening to Stitching N Junk Jamie kept saying, “Yeah yeah” and I thought about that movie and I am disturbed forever.

      Also, if you ever get the chance to watch a pr0n movie’s special features, definitely do. The best quote I ever heard was from the behind the scenes of A Midsummer Night’s Cream. Evan Stone (my favorite pr0n actor) was talking about the final scene and how he heard that the lady he was working with was into rimming and he said, “I saw her brown eye winking at me and I had to go for it.” I almost died laughing!

    4. Shane says:

      I am laughing my ass off at “A Midsummer Night’s Cream.”

    5. Bridget says:

      Me too!!! :D

    6. Lyndzi says:

      Uhm, horrible things… By “horrible” I mean “anything”. :D

      Also, I’m sorry SheaBay, but Evan Stone is DISGUSTING. Whenever I see that he’s in anything I have to turn it off immediately. Which is crazy hard because he’s in everything >.<. I mean, at least he cut that Fabio-esque hair off, but still: EWWW.

    7. shaebay says:

      Oh, I think Evan Stone is miles away from being attractive (even in the best lighting), but his balls hang to his knees and it is HILARIOUS. And his acting skills?! BEST EVER. XD

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