Episode 141: I’m Gonna Go Pee From My Vagina

Episode 141: We’re back and junk!

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  1. pam1374 says:

    Not quite done listening yet, but I wanted to suggest that I think Shane’s Stain List should be a “Life List” of sorts – he should endeavor to accomplish each of those stains somewhere, but perhaps not on his new couch. Maybe it could be a Tumblr blog of photos of his stains.

    Or not. Ew.

    (from Pantsfreesia and Hip to be a Square podcast)

  2. Lyndzi says:

    I was thinking there should be an Emergency Pants drinking game, and I was trying to think of things to drink to, like a sip every time Bridget giggles, a sip for every shout out to a fan/listener, maybe a sip if you talk about crafts or poop, and finish your drink if someone says “are we recording?”

    Then I thought, you know what would even be better? To just drink the ENTIRE time. *Toasts girlie Riesling wine (my favorite!) to you both* ^_^

  3. Bridget says:

    Pam: I love this idea! :)

    Lyndzi: I love your idea, too! But yeah, you could always just drink. :)

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