Episode 179: BEST WEEK EVER

It’s episode 179, in which we discuss:

Penny and Johnny are amazing hosts
Shane asks all of our female listeners to wear thigh-high socks. Go get yours at Sock Dreams
Mass Effect 3 gave Shane a sad
Bridget tries to tell Shane why he HAS to listen to Roderick on the Line but loses her shit when describing “persuading my tapeworm
Shane made the world’s most delicious pizza
Randi let us know about the Cell-Mate
Evan let us know about this awesome Doctor Who themed shirt
Elizabeth let us about the Shamwow Wreath
We had bad dreams. UGH.
And many more!

Download: Episode 179

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  1. braincooksidea says:

    Start a tablespoon of olive oil w/ some minced garlic in a cold pan, bring it up to hot and add a big can of crushed tomatoes and simmer it for a little while – add salt and pepper or whatever you want, the sauce will be thicker and delicious and home made!

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