Episode 181: Can’t podcast, clowns will eat me

Download: Episode 181

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  1. slickmv says:

    Now that you’ve gone and turned me on to a great podcast, could you help a fan out by pointing out which episode of Roderick on the Line has the mention?

    1. Bridget says:

      Hello Mr. MV! May I call you Slick? Sorry about that, the mention happened in Episode 26 of Roderick on the Line. It’s brief, but I squeed.

      1. slickmv says:

        Oh, there it is: at 26:40.

        A friend of Merlin’s, yet. No wonder you squeed.

  2. slickmv says:

    Most folks call me slick; the only people who have called me Mr. MV have been judges and prosecutors, and my mother would call me slickmv when she was angry with me.

    Anyway, I will now re-listen to Episode 26; I thought maybe the reference to “another podcaster” at 2:20 into Episode 27 (“Bellinghaming”) might have been you, but it came out after your Episode 181.

    Thank you for info.

  3. braincooksidea says:

    OMG Pennywise the clown has forever haunted my dreams!

  4. braincooksidea says:

    ALSO: we got a book for the little one called Mr. Underbed. This is the cover image – http://images.amazon.com/images/G/01/richmedia/images/cover.gif
    The monsters in it are adorable.

    1. braincooksidea says:

      or a link to the book on amazon might actually work – http://www.amazon.com/Mr-Underbed-Chris-Riddell/dp/1842709429/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1334939680&sr=1-1

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