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Episode 77: Nice Slacks, Poindexter


Episode 77: Bing! We discuss the new sport Vengers We got that B Roll! Thanks to Rose for letting us know about the Necky – for when you’re too stupid to secure a scarf around your neck! Not all Japanese culture/anime revolves around tentacle porn, as jbox proves. From Japan: Hard Gay. Um, yeah. NSFW. …

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Breaking News: Vince Gets Pinched!

Images courtesy of TheSmokingGun.com and horrible celebrity behavior.

  It’s a special report from the Emergency Pants crew: ShamWow and Slap Chop salesman Vince Shlomi (I KNEW his name wasn’t really Vince Offer!) got himself in some trouble. Thanks to Sid, Rachel, and Chedderfish for bringing this to our attention! Thanks also to The Smoking Gun website for giving us all the gory …

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Episode 24: Amazing Commercial Extravaganza, Part 1


Episode 25 explores Bridget’s and my love for shitty commercials. We’re also lucky enough to have a listener-submitted photo from Laura and DJ.

We cover a lot of our favorite bad commercials in this episode, plus the benefits of having a fort, and our best and worst Christmases!

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LaMont, You Stupid Motherfucker!


Episode 10′s content was recorded along with Episode 9′s, however due to length we had to break ‘em apart (that’s what she said). I was going to wait a few days to let Ep 9 sink in good and deep, but this stuff is just too funny to sit on (that’s what she said).

Enjoy Episode 10, in which we discuss archaic terms for punishment, license plates, cat balls, and horse jizz.

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