Episode 27: Punch Junk Love

Episode 27 features a rare glimpse into the minds of Bridget and Shane, only to come up with one thing:  They love farts.

They also cover the following: 


  • Public Grabass
  • Tiddy Bear competitor “Snadge Elephant”
  • Reading Twitter in the Bathroom
  • Broken Sound Equipment (Pisses Me Off!)
Shoutouts to Stars and TartanWill and Rachel, and @Benjibot (and pic)!
Download: Episode 27

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  1. Kelley says:

    Oh my gosh – you guys have me in your friends of the show section ! Thank you !!!

    PS : I’m REALLY hoping for an update on the grabassers . I’ve been making up pretend backstories for them all week . There’s something wrong with me .

    Stay warm, Kelley :-)

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