Episode 115: Mommy Needs A Minute

  • Bridget tries to get drunk and is thwarted by her own clumsiness
  • Ken Burns is a smartypants, but that’s okay
  • Shane’s cat Maus had a pooplosion
  • Pantscon 2011
  • We got emails from Alyssa, Pam and Katy!
  • Hi again to Toppie Smellie of the Smellcast and Bridget sincerely apologizes to Walter.
  • Clair is AWESOME!

Download: Episode 115

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  1. VSC says:

    I’d come to Pantscon 2011, if I had the money. I’d drag Lisaici with me to boot. :)

  2. katiberz says:

    I would also come to Pantscon & bring my husband. He & Shane could sing Morning Train together.

  3. shaebay says:

    You guys are kind of like Alyssa’s Filth Elder (see John Waters: This Filthy World for awesomeness, explanation, and some wonderful dirty words – it is on netflix instant, too). :D

    I’d totally go to Pantscon 2011

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