Episode 153: All Those Crusty Socks

Episode 153 -*knock knock knock* Honey? What are you doing in there?

  • Emails! Eeeeeeeee!!!
  • Matt aka Cracker Finishing School for Boys sent Bridget a pressie!
  • Penny made Bridget a boss playlist
  • Shane’s in love and you better accept it even if it’s not traditional, dammit
  • We demand ninjas

Download: Episode 153 (hehehe – load)

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  1. Lyndzi says:


    Also, I don’t have tear away pants (though I want some too!), but I do have tear away panties for a burlesque number that were easy to make. One day I want to add an extra bang to that moment when the audience is thinking I’m done, by dumping a bunch of glitter in them and being like, “BAM!” rip-away undies and glitter explosion!

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