Episode 33: Pork Sword Fight

Episode 33 of Emergency Pants is filled with random goodness!

  • We love PNSexplosion so much, we bought them dinner and sent them this.
  • Funny fake names used in battle
  • Ghosts and old people – connected?
  • We share “We shall most certainly be chums” moments
  • We’re just not comfortable being complimented. *squirm*
  • New listener Tara! Hi Tara!

There’s going to be a giveaway at Jamie’s blog this week! The winner gets this piece of hand-crafted awesomeness. Head on over to MrXStitch and check it out! Or not. It’s cool, baby, we don’t want to pressure you. Oh, will you look at that? How did my hand get there? Oh well… should I just leave it there, baby?

Download: Episode 33

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  1. Bay says:

    Forty-eight minutes into the show, I could swear I hear a cat meowing. Whose kitty is it, and does it also bear ill will against the South?

  2. Bay says:

    Oh! I should have kept listening. Shampoo? What a fabulous name!

  3. Bridget says:

    I just emailed you a pic of Shampootilicious, Bay. Wasn’t she in fine voice? :)

  4. Rachel says:

    Your street cred has not been deducted, despite Shane’s hatred for the South (don’t deny it, Shane!) We still love you guys & god, you guys look GREAT! Where’d you get those sweet leather pants?

  5. Bridget says:

    Street cred intact! Huzzah! :)

    *whispers to self* (Oh, goddammit, a compliment…) Um… *stares at wall* I got these leather pants by clicking one if the links… Um. Yeah, thanks for noticing… *mumbles indistinctly while backing away awkwardly*

  6. Shane says:

    I should point out that the Ads on the comment page are even MORE entertaining due to the things we discuss on them! This one had cat litter and cat sounds thanks to Bay!

    Thanks for the compliments, girls, regardless of how much they hurt us.

  7. Shane says:

    Bridget: *whispers to self* (Oh, goddammit, a compliment…) Um… *stares at wall*

    This reminds me of Mike Myers acting uncomfortable. And I know EXACTLY what you mean.

  8. Bridget says:

    THAT’S WHAT I WAS GOING FOR! We’ve got all kinds of Wonder Twin powers going on.

  9. Nessa says:

    I love PNS too! and I giggled when Patrick tried to say your last name!

    And Pork Sword Fighting is the best thing I have heard allll week!

    Loves yous guys, for reals!

  10. Jamie says:

    This has some vague relevance to the content of the podcast – the posters on your wall as a child.
    When I was a child, up to the age of seven, I had two posters on the wall at the end of my bed.
    One was of a cute bunny rabbit.
    The other was: [img]http://www.craftster.org/pictures/data/500/ewf.jpg[/img]

    Of course.

  11. Jamie says:

    Oh, that didn’t work.

    If you highlight the http:// bit of that and paste it into your address bar it should work.

    For real I had a massive version of that poster above my bed. Talk about early influences…

  12. Bridget says:

    Nessa – we love you, too! And not in a creepy way. Well, I can’t speak for Shane on that. :-/

    Jamie: Holy colorful jumpsuit, Batman! :) Who are those guys? I would have had an accident in bed if I’d seen them in my doorway. A crap accident. :-|

  13. Jamie says:

    Earth Wind and Fire.
    Legendary band from the 1970s who produced classic tunes like September and Boogie Wonderland.

  14. Bridget says:

    I probably should have known that. I really like September! I think that’s all I know by them, though. This is probably why Last.fm said we could never be friends.

  15. Nessa says:

    Shane can love me in a creepy way as long as he lives over 1,000 miles away hahaha!

  16. Jamie says:

    Nessa – I’m not sure if Shane can love you in any other way..!

  17. Bay says:

    OK, it’s, like, two days later, and I finally finished listening to this episode. Gah! Why is it soooooo long? Is this Shane’s influence or what? Bigger is not always better, you know. It’s the motion of the ocean that matters.

    Just sayin’. Is all.

    And y’all have a nice day!

    (I swear, I laugh so hard at these podcasts… thank you! Just for being you!!!)

  18. Bridget says:

    Sorry, Bay – there are two factors that lead to occassional Gigantorcasts:

    1. I can’t shut up to save my life, nor can I bring myself to tell a story without embellishment. It’s a problem. Thankfully I have found some friends that are willing to deal with it, as well as poor, long-suffering Jim. :)

    2. Shane is responsible for editing. He was going to slice and dice the episode into two shows, but then asked if I cared if he left it as is. I can’t say no to that guy. Mostly because if I do he might fake cry, which might actually physically kill me from laughing. Maybe if YOU nag him… :)

  19. Kelley says:

    I love the long podcasts !!! Don’t ever change :-) . Please.

  20. Jamie says:

    I agree with Kelley. An hour is just about long enough for me to listen to them on the train to London.
    Half an hour’s good but often leaves you wanting more.

  21. Nessa says:

    Jamie, I think I am fine with Shane’s creepy love.

    I beat Kelley to the stalking punch! Mwahahahah!

  22. Kelley says:

    Dammit !!!

    1. Shane says:

      <3 Kelley

  23. Bridget says:

    Okay, I still get nerdily excited about the fact that the podcast is listened to on the train to London. :D You owe me pics the next time you go there, Jamie, so I can see what I’m so bitterly jealous about.

    Also, you guys all rock so damn hard. I love you guys. ^_^ *big hugs*

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