Episode 67: Jury Doodie


Episode 67: You like that, huh?

Bridget is fulfilling her responsibility as an American citizen by participating in the judicial process. And junk.
We love God Hates Protesters
Bridget loves Christopher Uminga. Shane is frightened.
Have you ever had a shameful nerd argument? Tell us about it!
Never put spoons in your lungs.
What are the songs you HAVE to sing along to? (Bridget’s is 14th Street. Shane’s is So Cruel.) What are the songs you HAVE to turn up? We want to know!

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  1. Rosemoo says:

    Thanks for the shout out guys. Love the header photo.

    And of course, the one song I have to sing along to is, The Humpty Dance.

  2. Bay says:

    Introvert vs. Extrovert… Oh, I could go on about that all day. An extrovert friend of mine once asked me, “Why do you, as an introvert, hate people?” And I had to give him the run-down on what it means to be an introvert. I don’t hate people. I *love* people. I am therefore dissatisfied with superficial and inadequate interactions with people. I want to really connect, which is impossible in a crowded setting. It’s really the extroverts who hate persons. Right?


  3. Shae says:

    Woohoo for jury duty. I love jury duty (although I’ve only done it once). I did get asked that same question of whether I would let something (my age, since I was at least 10++ years younger than everyone there) prevent me from having a different opinion from everyone else.

    I would say I have had a shameful nerd argument, but I am in no way ashamed of said arguments. I am a big giant nerd and that is what my life is. I’ve been to 3 harry potter symposiums and spent several hours listening to lectures, reading papers, and discussing in roundtables. I once spent an hour in a New Orleans restaurant talking about how Umbridge (the character I dress up as) was raped by centaurs in OotP (order of the phoenix). There is no shame in loving fandom. I am a giant nerdy dork and I am cool as heck.

    And for the songs I turn up? Well I’m (almost) 22 – it seems my obligation as a young person is to keep the volume as loud as possible.

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