Episode 132: Mashed Perderders

Epiode 132: Did I ever tell you my frozen semen story?

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  1. Goddess Athena says:

    On the topic of sliding pets on the linoleum floors: I used to know a couple of guys who would play Slide the Ferret. They’d take one of their pet ferrets and slide them down the wood floor in the hallway and these long-assed rodents would just be all arms and legs splayed out and if you slid ‘em just right they’d be turning as they’d slide on their bellies down the hallway with this “WTF?!” look on their face. Funny stuff when you’re not quite sober.

  2. Goddess Athena says:

    Also, I wish to start a drinking game. Every time it sounds as if Bridget has stopped breathing because she’s laughing so hard, I’ll take a drink. I’m a lightweight, which means I’ll be drunk by 21 minutes into the podcast. :)

    1. Shane says:

      This would be dangerous.

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